Monday, December 19, 2011

Dan Ariely on our buggy moral code

Statement: Cheating on small things is different from cheating on big things.

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Question: Does your society lift up young people or push them down?

Charlie Todd: The shared experience of absurdity

Statement: I want to point out an absurdity in my society.

John Francis walks the Earth

Statement: I can be the change that I want to see.

Al Gore's new thinking on the climate crisis

Statement: I'm part of a generation that can make a change.

Parag Khanna maps the future of countries

Statement: Increasing infrastructure with China will help Taiwan's independence.

Jennifer 8. Lee hunts for General Tso

Statement: American Chinese food isn't Chinese food.

Paul Bloom: The origins of pleasure

Statement: Having a brand name product is important.

Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of awesome

Statement: My life is full of awesomeness.

Hanna Rosin: New data on the rise of women

Statement: Within 50 years, women will have supplanted men's power.

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

Statement: Playing computer games helps my life.

John Hardy: My green school dream

Statement: My city could be a green city.

Climate change has brought many negative effects, including the rising of the sea level. As a preventive measure, the government can reconstruct the city into a green one. The government can raise the tax of gasoline in order to encourage citizens to take public transportation and ride bicycles. In addition, setting up laws to reduce the usage of plastics is also a effective way to improve the environment. By holding activities such as planting trees and cleaning the beach, each one can put their concern into action and return and unpolluted earth to everybody. In short, if we make our city green, the dying world would regain its life and those disasters would never ever occur.

- Young

Centuries ago, the earth was a planet covered by trees and flowers, but later the industry began and forest and rainforest disappeared because of using those lands to build factories and other industries. Tainan had been a green city too, but like the other ones, factories popped up using the land of the natural forests. Back then, people hadn't thought out how big the greenhouse effect problem would be, so they kept using the lands without thinking what would happen later. But now the problem has appeared. The average temperatures has risen up, the iceberg melted and caused the sea level to rise up, too. It has made some of the lowland countries sink under the water. Now people have thought up some conclusions that can save the world. For example, our city planted trees beside the road; we use solar energy to exchange the fire or nuclear energy to save the resources and our planet. People now are thinking up many solutions to help our world to be a better place to live, although we can't return it to like the one many centuries ago, we can still find ways to not let it not become worse.

- Will

Tainan is a blend of modern and ancient beauty, but it absolutely doesn’t meet the demand of being a green city nowadays. There should be enthusiasm when completing this goal, which is lack in Tainan’s civil service. Stress and long work hours often leave people exhausted and emotionless about their surroundings. Further more, the government of Tainan is busy having a political conflict. They do have slogans in their politics, but it’s no surprise that none of them have been achieved. Therefore, nobody is planning and outlining a green city project clearly and in an organized way. Also, according to the study of a few of the greenest cities in the world, all of them have a similar element in common. This is public transportation, which Tainan should be dedicated to improving, too. It often confuses me whether the bus in Tainan is there to make lives more convenient-or inconvenient. Still, I do believe that Tainan can be a green city some day. It just needs some enlightenment and cooperation between government parties, companies, and the civilians. It’s really a challenging task to convert Tainan into a green city, but with the efforts and contributions, it can shock the world with it’s ancient, modern, and Eco-friendly environment.

- Jessie

I disagree with this thought. The city I live is Tainan. I think Tainan City is a kind of industrial city. Usually when my family drives on the highway, I see lots of factories. The smoke from factories is serious problem that we have seen on the news recently. Sometimes we may see the politicians talk about the plan to make city into a green city, but what I see is they only say it without doing it. Also I haven’t even seen any green facilities. Maybe they’re just somewhere I don’t know. Tainan, in my mind, is very polluted, full of buildings, and highly crowded. After I saw the video about the green school in Bali on Ted’s Talk, I felt that what the creator has done is so amazing. It’s a mission impossible for Tainan to be as green as it is there. We can’t see any really industrial things there in the video. It’s so not like what Tainan City looks like. Well, for me, an industrial city like Tainan is hard to make into a green city.


Jamie Oliver's TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food

Statement: Cooking at home is not important.

Nowadays, instead of cooking at home, more and more people are dining out, which in my opinion, is a total disaster. Frequent dining out is acceptable, but daily will post a threat to individuals’ health. Everyone knows that fast food will do harm to human bodies, but they aren’t aware that some restaurant's dishes also do the same. Some chefs will add additional spices to make food more attractive and delicious. Unlike cooking by yourself, you never know what ingredients are in the food you have just a bitten. Moreover, you'll always have an eye on your own surroundings of the kitchen, but not every restaurant has the time or strength to promise every step of cleaning will be followed. Maybe a bug just happened to fall into your soup. Also, with the lack of practice, a lot of traditional recipes may become something only a few people know how to cook, and a piece of our culture will be lost eternally. In conclusion, cooking at home not only benefits to your body but also helps the culture pass from generations to generations.

- Jessie

I disagree with this theory. When you eat outside, you can’t really make sure if the food or the ingredients are fresh or made of chemicals. What if the food is expired? It may destroy your health. Also we may see some news about oil problem. We see a lot about the reused oil, and that’s also a really big problem for our health.

When cooking at home, you can choose healthier ingredients. You can make sure your food is not expired. Besides that, in some movies, we can see the whole family cooking together in their kitchen. And I really think this shows that cooking at home is a good way to improve the relationship with your family.

Many people think eating outside is more convenient than cooking at home, cause you don’t have to waste time on washing food you are going to cook. You don’t have to prepare many things. You don’t have to clean your kitchen after you cook. You also don’t have to do the dishes after you finish the meal. It’s sounds really good to eat outside, but many people don’t see the shadow behind it. You may not know if the food or the ingredients are fresh or not. You may lose your health year by year and you don’t even know about it. Cooking at home does not only keep you healthy but also is a way to get a better relationship with your family. So why not cooking at home?

- Mika

Centuries ago, the main food people ate was meat. The reason because they didn’t eat vegetables or fruits, is they didn’t know how to farm. Although they learned how to farm several years later, people still didn’t change the main dish on the table, meat. Now, not only meat, but fast food has popped up, too. Because fast food is easy to buy and prepare, people soon lost their abilities to cook, and become even fatter. Some of the people made this kind of food as their breakfast, lunch, and dinner after a few years later. Some of them became sick and fat and even died because of their blood vessel were blocked with oil. I think people should learn how to cook, because by this way, they can control the oil and sugar that they eat. Then it will be unlikely that people will die before they are twenty-years-old because of the high calories they eat. So I think the best way to control the things that you eat is cook the food by yourself.